Are Shopping Apps the Biggest Opportunity in Affiliate Marketing?

PerformanceIn recently published my opinion piece on how in-app tracking might be the biggest opportunity in affiliate marketing, with millions of sales going untracked every year. Find the entire piece on

No one will dispute that online shopping is bigger than ever. The trend is clear: online shopping keeps growing at an increasingly faster rate, year over year (YoY). In 2018, e-commerce growth was 22.2% YoY. The same growth trend is true for shopping apps which saw a 15% growth in the first three quarters of 2019 for app downloads, following 20% YoY growth in 2018 and 28% YoY growth in 2017.

More and more brands are developing native apps and are incentivizing customers to download and shop in-app. For frequent shoppers of a particular brand, it is an easy sell. The user experience in a native shopping app is typically much better than mobile-web, and typically includes features such as remembering addresses, clothing size and payment details. Additionally, access to exclusive deals, making the shopping app proposition very appealing to customers. Continue reading at