Have you heard about Everplaces?


Everplaces is a web based bookmarking service, created to make it convenient for everyday users to save and share unique places they like, to be rediscovered on a later entry. Everplaces is still very young, and is still in Beta, which is very common for technology businesses.

So what is Everplaces and what can it be used for?

Well, Everplaces is as simple as it sound just very good a bookmarking your places. So when you go out for dinner somewhere new, and you have an enjoyable time, you will be able to save the location, an image and a short description, for you to find it later. This can be applied to all sorts of categories that you might find interesting and it is all operated via your Iphone, or you can go online on your labtop and access the service online.  Furthermore, Everplaces allows you to share those places with friend and followers on Facebook and Twitter. It is as simple as that, So Far!

So why is Everplaces different?

I’m not so sure that Everplaces really is that unique, as a lot of different services out there allow you to save or bookmark stuff. However, Everplaces approach might be just be what separates them from the crowd. What Everplaces have done is to aim at the later adopters of the geo location service and make the product very simple for everyday people to use.

Everplaces have in a short time become very good at bookmarking, and is now moving on to bigger adventures. Everplaces is extending the service to now include the opportunity for exploring the places of ones friends. This is a necessary strategic move for Everplaces to become a real service and not just a cool feature, mainly centred on an App.

Near future for Everplaces!

No one should ever try to predict the future. However, looking at the challenges Everplaces is facing, a very interesting future is ahead of them. I’m not to say whether or not the service will be a success or a failure, but for me it is very clear that for the service to evolve, the development of its “Explore” feature is very important. Everplaces must look into how to utilize all these bookmarks and make them beneficial for the user, in relation to exploring new areas.

Without knowing, I could hope that Everplaces over time will make it possible to pick up the bookmarks of friends, and via GPS location be able to tell me what the people I trust liked in just that place. Still without knowing, I could imagine that this is what Tine Thygesen and the rest of the team at Everplaces is working on.

I’m on Everplaces…

I have been playing around with Everplaces online service and if you want to take a look yourself, visit my Everplaces profile here.

You can sign up and start adding your favourite places, so you won’t ever forget them.

FoodPharmaTech 10 innovative discovery!

Food Pharma Tech 2010

Wednesday I visited MCH (Messecenter Herning) for the FoodPharmaTech 10 trade-fair. You might wonder why FoodPharmaTech, but it is like a tradition and I have been attending for several years.

Trade-fairs are a dying race cause to the evolvement of the internet, and there is hardly anything you can see on a trade-fair that you cannot find on the web. It is a shame though. Let me tell you why. Walking up and down the corridors, you often experience something catching your attention which you usually would not have found elsewhere. Being there in real life also offers your other opportunities such as feeling, smelling a tasting, which you at the moment will not be able to on the web. However trade-fairs are dying simply because it is too expensive and the businesses displaying their products cannot defend their presence.

Even though the trade-fairs are dying it is an enjoyable experience and I also did a discovery. Maybe not new but at least interesting and I got my hands on an innovative product that I had only heard about, but not before tried out.

The product concerns the category of handling milk, and other dairy products, and could be defined as a carton, however it is not. We are talking about an innovative bag that has some absolute cool features.

The concept of the back is that you cut a hole for the dairy product to float out of. As seen on the picture there is an air bobble working as a handle which gives the bag the function of a jug. The bottom of the bag is flat, so even though the bag is made from flexible plastic, it stands upright on the table or in the refrigerator. Another interesting feature of the dairy bag is the automatic closing system. As you stop purring, the bag will automatically close and prevent bacteria’s and dust to get in touch with the product.

Food Pharma Tech Carton 2010
Food Pharma Tech Carton 2010

Last but not least the bag has some logistic advantages. Today when dairy products in cartons are transported to the stores they come in boxes made of hard plastic. These boxes are cleaned and send back to the dairy manufacture empty, where again new cartons of dairy products are packed in them. This is however very costly as the transportation from store to the manufacture is approximately 90% air. With the plastic bag there is no need of hard plastic boxes and the bags can just be packed in cardboard boxes which can be reused for other purposes by the store. The truck does then have the opportunity to transport something else instead of the empty boxes.

So the conclusion must be that it is a win, win situation. The consumer gets a well-functioning product with great abilities. It doesn’t require that much space in the stores. The transportation company can be more efficient. The manufacture can save money on the transportation cost. And the environment will benefit from less carbon dioxide emissions.

Because the trade-fairs are dying grip the opportunity before it is too late. The FoodPharmaTech 10 was free to enter and so are many other trade-fairs today. If you are being open-minded you might end up getting inspired for the next big venture, even though it is in a branch you usually would not find interesting.

Facebook is rating your website!

Facebook Comment 430

This might be my first blog post concerning information communication technology and web 2.0 opportunities so keep on reading!

Many readers, who have visit my site before, might have noticed that AlexanderHold.com has evolved slowly in the pace with post being posted, to be well integrated with Facebook. First was the opportunity to share by one click, than the Like button, and latest the integration of commenting with your facebook account.

With the integration of the facebook commenting system, it has become easy to make a comment and I urge you to share your thought when you have read the article down.

The Essence of the Article

What I would like to pay attention to is the well-known “Like” button. More than 500 million facebook users are familiar with the “Like” button and are daily sharing their enthusiasm for various topics and comments by it.

Do you remember when YouTube used a 5 star scale to rate their videos? The point is they do not anymore because a new player had set the standard “Like” from facebook. The trend is either you like it or not, and you are not interested in anything in between. It would be reasonable to assume that the reason for this has to do with the explosion of information we all are confronted with on the web, and there simply is not time to do a deep valuation of what we meet. So either we like it or we do not!

So what about the “Like” button!

The “Like” button has become the webs rating system and it is a great tool for website owners to get a feeling of their readers’ enthusiasm. My latest article: “an Alumni fairy-tale” have got over 50 “Likes” which is a personal record and it shows me that people have found the article worth reading.

There are two sides: the reader and the writer. The reader thereby You will always be in control and there can be various reasons for pressing the “Like” bottom. Some do it with the intention of sharing the source with his or hers friends, but must likely the reader press the “Like” button because he or she likes the content, which is a good thing. Because, the “Like” button is a great tool for the writer to see the satisfaction of the readers and the “Likes” gives the writer motivation to produce even more valuable content.

One thing is that “Likes” encourage the writer to produce more. “Likes” also encourage reads to read the article as reader then knows that a range of people before have enjoyed reading the piece.

So do not forget to press “Like”!

Why you cannot live without!

As a website owner this last section is interesting for you.

All website/blog owners seek praise for their work, either by comments or silly star ranking scales. This might be alright and working for some, but the trend of the web goes elsewhere. As already stated “Like” is the new black and if you are the owner of a website, do not cheat yourself for the great opportunity of the implantation of facebook. Both facebook “Like” and commenting system will spread your articles/posts wide in the facebook community and lead more free traffic to you site, and your cause.

At last do not forget to show your enthusiasm by pressing “Like” and please help me test the new Facebook commenting system. I look forward to hear your opinion?