Relaunching my blog!

Alexander Hold - MBA Talk

WOW – It has been over two years since I last wrote anything on my blog!

The other day I rediscovered my blog. I friend of mine from the Nanyang MBA send me a link to her blog and reading some of the articles inspired me to take a look at my own. I read over a few of my previous posts and actually felt a bit proud.

“There is a lot of good content on this website. It would be a shame not to continue building on this. “

Reading through some of my previous posts, I had this great experience down memory lane, and I realized that writing a blog is as much for myself, as it is for you: the reader.

I have therefore, decided to relaunch and pick up blogging again.

The content of my future posts is not quite clear yet. However, I intend to share some of the expertise and knowledge I have acquired from building TALENT-TEAM Young Talents Recruitment in Norway in the past two years. I also recently moved to Singapore to attend the Nanyang MBA, so without doubt that experience will affect the content I’ll share with you.

I’m looking very much forward to get started, and you can expect the first real article to be shared very soon.

Have you heard about Everplaces?


Everplaces is a web based bookmarking service, created to make it convenient for everyday users to save and share unique places they like, to be rediscovered on a later entry. Everplaces is still very young, and is still in Beta, which is very common for technology businesses.

So what is Everplaces and what can it be used for?

Well, Everplaces is as simple as it sound just very good a bookmarking your places. So when you go out for dinner somewhere new, and you have an enjoyable time, you will be able to save the location, an image and a short description, for you to find it later. This can be applied to all sorts of categories that you might find interesting and it is all operated via your Iphone, or you can go online on your labtop and access the service online.  Furthermore, Everplaces allows you to share those places with friend and followers on Facebook and Twitter. It is as simple as that, So Far!

So why is Everplaces different?

I’m not so sure that Everplaces really is that unique, as a lot of different services out there allow you to save or bookmark stuff. However, Everplaces approach might be just be what separates them from the crowd. What Everplaces have done is to aim at the later adopters of the geo location service and make the product very simple for everyday people to use.

Everplaces have in a short time become very good at bookmarking, and is now moving on to bigger adventures. Everplaces is extending the service to now include the opportunity for exploring the places of ones friends. This is a necessary strategic move for Everplaces to become a real service and not just a cool feature, mainly centred on an App.

Near future for Everplaces!

No one should ever try to predict the future. However, looking at the challenges Everplaces is facing, a very interesting future is ahead of them. I’m not to say whether or not the service will be a success or a failure, but for me it is very clear that for the service to evolve, the development of its “Explore” feature is very important. Everplaces must look into how to utilize all these bookmarks and make them beneficial for the user, in relation to exploring new areas.

Without knowing, I could hope that Everplaces over time will make it possible to pick up the bookmarks of friends, and via GPS location be able to tell me what the people I trust liked in just that place. Still without knowing, I could imagine that this is what Tine Thygesen and the rest of the team at Everplaces is working on.

I’m on Everplaces…

I have been playing around with Everplaces online service and if you want to take a look yourself, visit my Everplaces profile here.

You can sign up and start adding your favourite places, so you won’t ever forget them.

A future economic prediction

This article is not academically referenced, and should not be seen as more than a thought of the world’s current financial situation.

The world is in the shitter. I am sorry to be pessimistic, but having eyes and ears makes it impossible not to notice that something is fundamentally wrong.

I would like to make a prediction that might, might not come true. Don’t take it for more than it is, just a simple prediction of a tough future: Within the next half a year, we will experience a financial meltdown of the global markets and Europe and America in particular will enter an era of great recession continuing for 5 to 7 years.

Every economist has since the bank crises of 2008 known that a recession was inevitable, and that it is only a matter of time before the global financial markets crash. With the current activities in Europe it is obvious that further spending and greater debt will in a very near future eliminate all trust in the markets, forcing it into an inevitable meltdown.

A lot of people will lose their jobs and will have to leave their homes. Even though everyone knows that it is inevitable, it will still come as a surprise to the most and there will be absolutely no way to escape.

The biggest issue is that our so called leaders are paralysed and has absolutely no idea on how to fix the problem. No wonder, because there is only one solution and that is a crash and boom. An economy send back to scratch, a recovery process, and the economy, as we know it, will once again flourish.

So is this so bad? No not really, it is a necessity and better now than later. One thing is clear, getting in more and more debt will only make the recovery process much harder.

A last entry! History shows that great opportunities always has and always will emerge from great crises. This means that people of great intelligence will see opportunities to enter the market with products of a new future.