What is a Flash Mob?

Have you ever heard of the term Flash Mob? The Concept is pretty cool and can easily be explained. Read hear Wikipedia’s English definition:A flash mob (or flashmob) is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, then disperse.”

In other words; a flash mob is a social gathering in an unusual place. This is one of my favorite flash mob’s because of it professionalism, but there is a lot of viral flash mob’s to find on youtube.

What you see in the video above is a part of advertising campaign for the German telecommunication provider T-mobile in Britain. The video is recorded in Heathrow Airport, London, and is a product of 300 people’s hard work. T-mobile have done several of these flash mob’s around Britain, and have had great success to attract the attention of the media as well as the public.

What is interesting about flash mob’s in general is the massive attention it gets in the public atmosphere, and how it engage and gives an experience to people who accidently is in the spot where the flash mob takes place.

I keep referring to the viral effect of these events, but the viral effect is not just online in video form. It also exists in mouth to mouth verbal form, where people tell their friends and family about for instance: what an amazing welcome they had in Heathrow Terminal 5 by T-mobile. People blog about the experience and share armature video and pictures from the happening. All this creates the difference from a regular viral video, which does not catch the surprised faces of the public. When doing professional flash mob’s the epicenter is way larger than regular viral videos and the message of the event (flash mob) is so much stronger and will reach even further.

When we talk about modern business and marketing, the competition is so intense and we have to think different. That is what T-mobile is doing and they are really good at it.

At last I would like to share and example of another flash mob that surprised travelers at Grant Central Station, New York. Notice that more than 24 million have watched the video.