Too busy or Too lazy?

Lately I have felt that I have had a lot on my mine, and I have had a lot of tasks and expectations to cope with. Or at least it has felt like it. Because starting to analyze my day, to see why I felt so hung-up on appointments, I just could not find the source for my misery.

Before I continue I will have to acknowledge my opinion about the famous word “Stress”. Probably stress is a symptom of a too heavy workload, but sadly I do also feel that it has become in fashion to be diagnose with stress. This meaning that stress is being misused as an excuse for taking vacation.

Back to my situation. I wanted to use the word stressed about my condition, but it was conflicting with my beliefs. So I decided to go other ways. Instead of convincing myself that I was stressed, I told myself to find the problem. Going thought my calendar, looking at my appointments, checking my e-mails; I realized that there was nothing to be stressed about. My conclusion was that I was simply too lazy after a nice long winter break.

The solution to the problem was of cause not just to diagnose the illness. I would also have to cure the infection. The solution being the keyword: Efficiency. Many of the tasks I am challenged with during the day can be handled with in a few minutes, but if I keep postpone all the small tasks, they will eventually end up being massive confusing workloads. It actually wasn’t harder than that. Today I have said goodbye laziness and hallo efficiency. It is unbelievable what you can fool yourself in to, just by thinking it.

“Be efficient and feel the day become longer!”