The Thought-Leader Series 2nd semester!

I started the Thought-Leader Series last semester, and the first three guest lectures turned out successfully. Based on this success, I again this semester open the doors at Aarhus University Institute of Business and Technology for four interesting guest lectures.

Svend Aage Faerch Nielsen is the CEO of Ege, a Danish flooring and Carpet manufacture, and he will speak at AU-IBT the 8th of November. The 8th of November Bjarne Aarup the CEO of EG also known as the EDB Group will speak for the students. We are also lucky to have the sponsor of our Auditorium visiting. The 15th of November, Kenneth Iversen the CEO of Unimerco will speak in the Unimerco Auditorium at AU-IBT. The Thought-Leader Series last guest lecture of this semester is the Mayor of Herning Lars Krarup, who will speak the 22nd of November.

I am personally looking very much forward to meet the guests of this semesters Thought-Leader Series, but I am also excited about meeting the students attending the event, and hear their intelligent and challenging questions.

If you have been tempted to attend one of the guest lectures or all of them, then find more information at our facebook group seen below.