Freedom is Priceless

Time is precious

I just watched a show on the popular TV channel Nation Geographic, which inspired me to do this article. The show was about a real life story of four American guys, making the worst decision of their lives, when they get involved in drug trafficking. The four guys are stopped in the airport in Brazil and are sent to prison. The sentence was originally 25 years, but due to a bribe of the judge the four guys’ only end up serving 4½ year in prison. One quote said by one of the boys serving was: “freedom is priceless”.

With that sentence: “freedom is priceless” there is no doubt that he is absolutely right, however the most of us actually don’t care or at least never give it a thought, probably because we take our freedom for granted. It is really hard to explain the feeling I was left with when watching the show, but it made me wonder if we as human beings of the free world, are appreciating the freedom our ant sisters have been fighting for. There is an old saying sounding something like: “You only know what you got, till it is gone” and I guess that was what those four guys realized in the second they were put behind bars.

I would like to turn this true real life story in another direction, to a topic that has had my attention for a while: “Time”!  In the article about Georg Soerensen I was as well putting emphasis on the subject time, because time is a limited resource and we do only have a certain amount of hours on this planet. The question is if we get the best out of it?

Looking at this problem through the eyes of an entrepreneur, the greatest wish would be to have an extra hour in a day and since this probably is too great a challenge for even the best entrepreneur, the solution might be found elsewhere. An interesting approach would be to look at reducing the time spend on sleeping. I am quite sure that if anybody could come up with an innovation that could reduce the need for sleep, he or she could make a fortune just on the patent alone. However there might be another approach to the problem.

Because what is it worth to get an extra hour awake every day, if it is not an affective hour? I know from myself that I spend too much time everyday doing stuff that does not in any direct way create any kind of value for me. I don’t learn anything from it, I do not extend my network, I do not make money, and in general I spend too many hours wasting my precious time. It takes self-acknowledgement to reach this conclusion, but only by being aware of it, I can work on it and become better.

Here I would like to draw the connection to the four guys from the TV show. They learned it the hard way, how precious life is and especially how much freedom and the opportunity to do whatever you want to should be appreciated. You never know what tomorrow will bring and you never know which day is your last.

The conclusion must be that time shall and must be lived RIGHT NOW, because you never know if tomorrow will be your last. So do not waste your time doing things that does not create value in your life and remember to enjoy every single minute of your freedom. Do never take anything for granted.

The concept of Full House

Boxen Herning Handball

Some might think that by Full House I am referring to the popular 90‘s TV series by the same name. However I am not.

I am referring to the concept of “sold out” for different events; here sport events in particular. When we talk about events we talk about a product of experience an entertainment and in general a product that competes with other cultural and entertaining opportunities such as theater, movies, concerts and might even TV. Therefor is it also a challenge to attract an audience for these events.

Sport events are especially tough, due to fact that a part of the experience is the excitement of the audience, which means that the organizer must present an arena full of people. This is what is needed to meet the expectations of people who have paid a lot of money for a ticket.

So how to fill the arena and deliver the expected experience. For certain sport events it is no problem, because there is a large fan base that shows up for every game and support their team. However other sport events are not that popular and need much more care to sell.

Here comes the concept of free tickets. But why give tickets away for free? Do you make money on giving things away for free? I would claim that you can make even more money, than when charging the audience for the ticket. Tickets are a money making machine and stop charging money for the product you are selling is not the infinitive solution. The problem is when you cannot sell tickets enough to deliver the expected atmosphere, which is required for not disappointing the audience.

So when that happens it is about time to give the tickets away for free. Do not see the concept as giving away the product for nothing, but see it as effective advertising. You should keep in mind that no matter if you hand out fee tickets or not, your expenditures for having the event will be almost the same. However your revenue will increase dramatically. Because when people go see sport events they buy a beer or two, or might even three and of cause they also need something to eat meanwhile, as well as snacks to pleasure the experience. All these goods are bought in the arena and are goods with a large profit margin, which means good revenue.

Let’s try a simple example with imaginary figures: We have an arena with a capacity of 10.000 spectators. Of these 10.000 tickets we have sold 5.000 to a price of 350 DKK. which is equal to 1.750.000 DKK. An average spectator spends around 100 DKK. on snacks and beverages during a game, which is 5000*100 = 500.000 DKK. 1.750.000+500.000 = 2.250.000 in total revenue. Then calculate the extra revenue of filling up the arena. 5000 extra spectators multiplied with 100 DKK. equal to additional half million. In total 2.750.000 DKK.

A bonus to the extra revenue is the advertising effect, which might tempt people to buy a ticket for the next game. Therefore is it also important that people feel special when receiving free ticket and therefore should it not be the same that gets free tickets every time. There are various opportunities to award people free tickets, but it might be clever to give people free tickets in uneven numbers. Imagine receiving three tickets for free and then have to buy the last one, so the whole family can have an experience together. If this is possible it will result in a 25% increase in revenue from tickets.

Another potential source of revenue is to think of the sport arena as marketplace for lotteries, accessories and competitions. In reality it is all about being creative and one nationality that Danish event organizers could learn from is the Americans. One thing is clear; giving away tickets for free is not such a bad idea, because when people first are gathered around an event you have every opportunity to sell additional goods.

Help me defeat the German!

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