First Lego League 2009

First Lego League Trophy

I volunteered for First Lego League 2009 as Coach and I were to guide a team of 7th graders from Hammerum Elementary School in Denmark. The day started out really early in the morning of competition day, with preparation of the participants’ arrival later in the morning.

During the day I was function as a Team-leader/Body/Big-Brother for the team, and was challenged with different social and educational issues/aspects that I had never before been challenged with. It was a really learning-full experience and I got a sense of what it takes to work with youngster.

The day ended late in the afternoon, and I could proudly see my team get awarded the grant price for winning the tournament and the price of qualification for the Nordic championship.

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European Manager for a Day 2008

European Manager for a Day 2008

I attend European Manager for a day 2008, which was the first time I got acquainted with YEAD (Young Enterprise Alumni Denmark). I was recommended by my teacher to apply, and I got accepted for the popular event. It was a 3 day event, where the middle day was a visit to a manager in some Danish company. I was following a sales manager for MultiData, and I got an exclusive inside view in a large Danish company. The experience provided me with organizational knowledge, and a feeling of the real life in a large corporation.
Video from the Event: