Global Management Challenge 2011

Global Management Challenge

I participated in Global Management Challenge (GMC) the world’s largest Strategy and Management Competition, where more than 450,000 university students compete worldwide. Global Management Challenge is the largest international business simulation event and has a history going back to 1980 when if for the first time emerged in Portugal by SDG – Simuladores e Modelos de Gestão. Today 34 nations are represented in the game and the nationalities stretch from Denmark to Singapore; from Venezuela to China.

The game is a simulation game challenging me and all the other 450,000 participants with over 60 different decisions weekly, created to simulate a real decision board in a real company. Everyone participate in team of 3 to 5 people, and I was joined with 4 classmates about making the decisions.

The game gave me a great insight in what it takes to manage a production company, with all from buy of raw material, production facilities, employees, budgeting, agents, distributors, investors and 60 other parameters.

The game is played on a weekly basis, with one decision sheet per week. What defines the success on the scoreboard for the company is the value of the company’s stock on the stock exchange. The greatest companies reach the Danish final, where the best team will represented Denmark in the international final, in year 2011 taking place in Macao, China, only an hour with boat form Hong Kong.

Global Management Challenge is in Denmark sponsored by Maersk, Accenture, Siemens, Cowi, BiBoB, KPMG, BK Medical, IDA management forum and DJØF.

Read the official documentation for Global Management Challenge here

Nice Inside Milan 2008

Nice Inside Milan 2008

I applied for an opening spot at the European Young Enterprise Alumni yearly Leadership conference in Milan, and got the seat for this life changing event. The European Young Enterprise Alumni network is large network of former Young Enterprise participants from all over Europe.

Nice Inside was hosted by the Italians in the Alumni Network and was located in the beautiful surroundings of Milan. Nice Inside was a leadership conference with a lot of experimental seminars with Italian professors in different subject. The purpose of the conference was to deliver a final cut promotion video for the European Young Enterprise Alumni network. I volunteered for being a part of the management group that were to manage three different groups and make them work together on the final product. The mission succeeded.

The event taught me a lot of project management, and introduced me to the subject of “NETWORKING”.

It was a life changing experience.