Emax Nordic 2010

Emax Nordic 2010 Staff - Photo by Stik i Rend Film

I volunteered for Emax Nordic 2010 as Staff and got accepted among many applicants. The event was for the first time hosted outside Sweden and our mission was to create the greates Emax Nordic event ever.

As staff my fellow staff members and I was challenged with unexpected problems that need to be solved, to give the participants a professional experience of the event. The staff was responsible for different activities and general entertainment that should help create network between different nationalities.

Emax Nodic challenged me with hard work hours from 7 mornings to midnight for a week. The experience told me about spontaneous and innovative solution-making as well as professionalism and punctualism. As staff of an event like Emax Nordic there is no problem too big or too small that cannot be solved. And even though you communicate and welcome professional speakers you do also have to clean up and always keep the participants happy and energized.

As staff of Emax Nordic 2010 I learned about team work, communication, hard work, networking and appreciation.

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Read documentation for the Event at the official website.

See the videos from the event:

E-MAX Nordic 2009

Emax Nordic 2010

I applied for E-max Nordic 2009, and was among the 50 Danes selected for the program. E-max is a Scandinavian entrepreneurial event, where the foremost young entrepreneurs from the Nordic region gathers over one week.

During the week all participants were competing in a business simulation game, in groups of four people consisting of persons respectively from Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. There were held a lot of seminars and workshops for all the contestants, which were designed to inspire and teach entrepreneurial skills. An important part of the event was social activities that through games created a strong group mentality. The event provided me with a large Scandinavian network of intelligent and motivated youngsters.

Danish participants of Emax Nordic 2009
Danish participants of Emax Nordic 2009