Network is Power


I have wanted to use that title for a long, long time. However, I haven’t felt that I had a story precious enough to be told under that heading!

Now I got the story for you. It is not extraordinary fancy and unbelievable. However, it is down to earth everyday value of a precious network.

So here is the story: It all started with a message on Facebook from a girl from the JA-YE Alumni network in Norway! (oh yeah I moved to Oslo) – She asked if I wanted to come out Saturday and show around a newcomer in Oslo. As always I’m pretty keen on getting out and meeting new people, so of course I said YES, right away.

But hold on! – How did my dear friend from JA-YE Alumni know of this new guy in town?
She had been contacted by a mutual friend of ours from the JA-YE Network, who had been studying with the new guy. She had been so kind to contact her network in Oslo, on behalf of the new guy and had managed to set up an afternoon tour.

So how did I get into the picture? – Well my dear friend was so kind to invite me along; I believe just random kindness´.

So we met up in the afternoon and went for a stroll around town. Went for a late afternoon lunch and ended up staying out all night sharing stories, business ideas, and contacts. What was so Awesome, was that we all just got along, basically from the get go! – And so you see the POWER of NETWORK!

As said in the beginning. There is nothing special or extraordinary of this story. However, had it not been for effort of network and the goodwill of others to put in a little care and kindness; I would never have met mr. new guy and I would for sure have missed out for a great evening. You make new friends every day, you just got to remember to be open minded and welcoming to strangers around.

I don’t know what this new connection will lead to. But, I’m sure something cool, or at least a good party in town. Let’s see. Network is Power and with care and effort, it will lead to great things.

A picture is worth a thousand words

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When surfing around the internet you will stumble upon a lot of blogs, which bring personal views and opinions on different subjects. They all have different layouts and different ways of presenting their content. It can be difficult to determine which layouts are most efficient for the reader. However the most can agree on that if you want visitors; you have to produce quality content, which is valued by the reader.

Even though quality content is the key to a successful blog there is an object which should be considered. This is the use of pictures on your blog. As stated in the title a picture is worth a thousand words, which if you take it literally makes it a bit easier to write a several thousand words blog post. Of cause you should not understand the thousand words literally, but there is actually something about it.

The fact is that for the most people, visualization of an issue or subject makes it easier to understand, compared to writing. I have discussed this subject in a previous blog post, where the subject mind mapping also was mentioned.

I am following this young lady by the name Linn Katarina, which is blogging about mainly her private life and different creative discoveries she does during her week. Linn Katarina has written more than 500 posts over a two year period and is continuing bringing new material to her readers. What Linn is good at, is to use photos to share and express messages and experiences, which just have a really catchy effect on the audience.

If the old saying; that a picture is worth a thousand words is true, then Linn has written several hundred thousand words on her blog over the last two years, which must be considered a great achievement for a single individual.

Find Linn Katarina’s blog here

So what can we learn from Linn?

We can get inspired to how we can get the attention of our readers, and how we can be able to feed our followers with daily updates full of information, which doesn’t necessarily contain a lot of written words.

The majority of bloggers, blog in their native language, but think about what the use of pictures means for your audience. Pictures are the only international language which can be read by everyone possessing the ability of eyesight.

It is worth to notice that what we in a modern world lack the most: is time! If you capture your experiences with a camera or cellphone, you can keep a large base of followers with relative little time consumption.

There is nothing wrong with learning or getting inspired from others. We just all need to find our own right way to adapt it.