E-MAX Nordic 2009

Emax Nordic 2010

I applied for E-max Nordic 2009, and was among the 50 Danes selected for the program. E-max is a Scandinavian entrepreneurial event, where the foremost young entrepreneurs from the Nordic region gathers over one week.

During the week all participants were competing in a business simulation game, in groups of four people consisting of persons respectively from Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. There were held a lot of seminars and workshops for all the contestants, which were designed to inspire and teach entrepreneurial skills. An important part of the event was social activities that through games created a strong group mentality. The event provided me with a large Scandinavian network of intelligent and motivated youngsters.

Danish participants of Emax Nordic 2009
Danish participants of Emax Nordic 2009

Yead Camp – 2009

Yead Camp 2008

I participated in Yead Camp 2009, together with a lot of other Young Enterprise Alumni’s.

Yead Camp is a yearly event where Alumni’s from all over Denmark meet for weekend of intensive learning, and social networking. Doing the event there were several speakers, among them were Coach Gert R. Jespersen from Motivazion, who spoke about how an elite sports man is preparing mentally to win a goal medal. Some Alumni’s also went on stage, and told about their success as entrepreneurs.

The event was a networking success, and I got to know new alumni’s that I am today networking with a lot.

Watch the video from the event produced by Stik i Rend Film

Nice Inside Milan 2008

Nice Inside Milan 2008

I applied for an opening spot at the European Young Enterprise Alumni yearly Leadership conference in Milan, and got the seat for this life changing event. The European Young Enterprise Alumni network is large network of former Young Enterprise participants from all over Europe.

Nice Inside was hosted by the Italians in the Alumni Network and was located in the beautiful surroundings of Milan. Nice Inside was a leadership conference with a lot of experimental seminars with Italian professors in different subject. The purpose of the conference was to deliver a final cut promotion video for the European Young Enterprise Alumni network. I volunteered for being a part of the management group that were to manage three different groups and make them work together on the final product. The mission succeeded.

The event taught me a lot of project management, and introduced me to the subject of “NETWORKING”.

It was a life changing experience.