Danish music without limitations

Medina Album Cover

As I thought Danish music had a limited reach, I was surprised this evening. I was attending some evening gathering in what is called the pavilion, a common area for the students to hang out. I got to meet a lot of international students from Germany, France, Norway, America, Australia etc. However I seem to be the only Danish guy so far.

What I noticed during the evening was the selection of music. Mainly mainstream, such as Party Rock, Mr. Saxobeat and so on. However in-between were also played Medina and Rasmus Seebach, which are popular Danish artists performing in Danish. I must say I was surprised to travel 12.000km to hear the same music that is played in Denmark. Apparently my assumption about Danish music being limited to a rather small Danish audience has been wrong. It apparently is also known and played in the wide world and I am wondering what other Danish objects I might stumble upon. Lurpak the Danish Butter brand might be the first, as I managed to buy it in the store today.

Today’s lesson learned. Watch out for your assumptions; if you do not know it. There is a possibility that you might be wrong. Do not let that assumption limit your vision.

Watch out for the Assumptions

Alexander Hold Challenge

Assumptions are widely use in our daily present and is in many situation replacing facts due to ignorance. Often assumptions are very important in the process of discovering a state of truth in connection to some kind of research matter, but we do also state assumptions every time we are presented with a challenge. There is nothing wrong with stating assumptions since they are deadly important for finding an answer, but do you consider what kind of assumption you make for yourself?

The concept is best explained with an example:

You are participating in a team work event and your team of 4 persons is handed out 4 pieces of wood. You are asked to cross a football field without walking the ground.

There are several different solutions to the challenge, but one of the most obvious solutions is to work as a team and move one wooden block forward at a time, while all 4 are balancing on the remaining 3 pieces of wood. The solution is very good for the team spirit and will do the challenge, however it won’t let you beat the others teams.

Another solution is to break the wooden blocks into 8 pieces instead of 4 and then cross the field one person at a time.

Someone would argue that the last solution is cheating, but the truth is that the reason for the thought of cheating is due to the self-made assumption: that you are not allowed to break the wooden blocks into smaller pieces. This situation is a great example of how an assumption becomes a limitation.

Consider the example and think of what assumptions you make for yourself every day. Some of the assumptions made are fair, where others are simply limitations that keep you from doing what you really want to. The case in not only relevant in relation to business, but does also apply in your private life.

So watch out for the assumptions, and make sure that they don’t become limitations.