A new technology or a new experience?


Have you heard about Qwiki? Hopefully you have. If you have had a little attention on the latest technologies and innovations, you would not have missed it. Because Qwiki have actually been on the market for a while and was recently released to the main public, so everyone with or without a login can perform Qwiki search.

Let me just explain what Qwiki is. Qwiki is what the founders call an information experience. Note the word “experience”. Qwiki have combined several know technologies into a new experience, taking foundation in the concept of video. However Qwiki is not an ordinal video hosting service. Combing services such as Wikipedia, Photopedia, Google, and most important the “Text to Speech” technology, Qwiki is thinking out of the box and is making the computer decide what is relevant for you to know about a particular topic. Using these services such as Wikipedia, Google and Photopedia, Qwiki manage to combine data from the internet into a small information video, or better known as a “Qwiki”.

Example of what a Qwiki is:

So what is so interesting about this Qwiki concept? Here I will bring up the word “Experience” again. The case is that we live in a world where resources seems unlimited and what we hunger is experiences. Try google the word “Oxford” and you will find more than 183 million results. Simply an overload of information having something to do with the city Oxford, the University of Oxford, or something else carrying the name Oxford.

What Qwiki is doing is trying to simplify all that information and convert it into an easily digestive experience.

Qwiki represents an all-time traditional start-up, combining existing technologies into a new product. This is where you should be inspired, because what Qwiki is doing seems revolutionising, but in reality it is just a new experience of existing technologies.

Observing what Qwiki is doing has really made me start thinking. How can I create a new experience? What technologies can be used in a new way? And why is this even relevant?

Qwiki is a great example of; that we have seen nothing yet of what is possible when we handle information. All it takes is just that we try to see our own reality from a new perspective.

Help me defeat the German!

Try to type ”Alexander Hold” into google.com and you will find that alexanderhold.com appears as number 3 or 4 depending on who look.

The result is quite decent taking into consideration that alexanderhold.com only have been online for a short while. However it would be lovely to appear as number 1 or 2.

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So how to defeat Richter Alexander Hold on Google.

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