Live your dream today!

Live your Dream

I am following a famous Danish entrepreneur on several social platforms, and here the other day I received a newsletter in the occasion of his 40 years birth day. The name of the entrepreneur is Martin Thorborg, and he is famous for founding several internet based companies and is today putting a lot of effort into helping Danish entrepreneurs via his entrepreneurial talk show.

The message of the newsletter is very essential for all people walking this earth, and it inspired me to do this article.

Mankind is getting older day for day, and that is a fact that no one can change. That also means that we do only have a given time to live our life, before we die and disappear from the surface of the earth.

It seems to be normal for people to look back at their life from time to time and take a look at what they have achieved. Hopefully are many happy with their achievements, but often do people look back and see what they never did. This causes depressions and other forms of bad excuses for doing nothing about it.

As long as you are busy, it is easy not to take responsibility for your life, and it becomes very easy to forget the childhood dreams and the list of things that you wanted to achieve with your life. The main problem might be that adulthood with all its demands, which tend to overshadow your dreams, and you end up feeling comfortable in the daily routine far away from action and excitement.

Those who look back and still remember their dreams have an exclusive opportunity to take action right away, but often is the dream postponed to tomorrow and the cycle keeps happening day after day for the rest of their life. The only result is regret.

So is it too late to live your dream if you are 40, 50, 60 or something else?

The answer is no.

It is never too late to live your dream. As a clever man once said: “today is the first day of the rest of your life”.

The most important is never to let your dreams die, but instead share them with the world and turn dreams into reality. Because life does not start tomorrow, it starts today – Do not waist it – You only have this one life – So get the most out of it!

Ivaerk & Vaekst 2009

Ivaerk 2009

I participated in Ivaerk & Vaekst 2009.

“Ivaerk and Vaekst” is a trade fair show targeting Danish entrepreneurs. During the fair there were a lot of lectures and workshops. For the first time I meet the famous Danish Entrepreneur Martin Thorborg who were speaking about how giving away for free can make you rich. I also attend a workshop with David Madié from Growth Company about How to start a business in Denmark right now.

Read more about Ivaerk & Vaekst (in danish)

E-MAX Nordic 2009

Emax Nordic 2010

I applied for E-max Nordic 2009, and was among the 50 Danes selected for the program. E-max is a Scandinavian entrepreneurial event, where the foremost young entrepreneurs from the Nordic region gathers over one week.

During the week all participants were competing in a business simulation game, in groups of four people consisting of persons respectively from Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. There were held a lot of seminars and workshops for all the contestants, which were designed to inspire and teach entrepreneurial skills. An important part of the event was social activities that through games created a strong group mentality. The event provided me with a large Scandinavian network of intelligent and motivated youngsters.

Danish participants of Emax Nordic 2009
Danish participants of Emax Nordic 2009