Is it ever too late to reply a message?

Better Late than Never

Today one year later, I received a reply for a message that I wrote the 19th of October 2010. At first I got a bit surprised; however I remembered very well that I send the message a year earlier, but as I did not hear anything for a couple of days, I was in the believe that I would never hear anything at all. However I was wrong, and today I receive a nice sweet reply which actually turned out to make my day. Not that the message had any deeper meaning, but just the surprise of receiving it.

My question is then. Is it ever too late to reply a message?

In the majority of situation I can think of, the answer would be a clear yes. If a message is business related or in any way informative, just a few days can be considered too late, mainly because the world moves in such a rapid phase.

However is the message of any other relation than above stated, my view since today has just changed. We have all tried to stumble upon an old message that we never managed to reply. Usually I would never reply, with the argument that the message is too old and the counterpart has forgotten everything about the message. However this might not be the truth, just using myself as an example. I very clearly remembered the original message and I actually became happy for the reply even though it came one year later.

There is an old saying sounding: “Better late than never”. I actually believe that there is some truth to that. We often in life experience regrets because of things we never did. However trusting the sentence, it is never too late to do what is right, even though it might just be a silly message.

So is it ever too late to reply a message?  Nope!  Better late than never.

Don’t underestimate the secretary!

Paper and Pen

In general our society has a tendency of praising the manager because he or she officially is the one making all the hard decisions, and takes the responsibility. The question is: is this really the truth?

To some extent, Yes. The CEO is the one making the hard decision and he is also the one taking responsibility for the particular companies’ actions. Therefor is the manager also paid more than the rest of his employees, because it matches his level of responsibility. The question is then, is the manger really the one with the outmost power?

Officially, “Yes”. In reality, “maybe Not”. We as society tend to forget the power of the secretary answering the phone when we call to reach the boss. The bosses’ secretary, also known as the gatekeeper, might possess one of the most powerful positions in the organization. The gatekeeper does not have the power to design future strategies, neither to let go of employees. However the gatekeeper is in total control of everything going in and out of the organization and therefore possesses the power of information.

If the gatekeeper is confronted with a proposal for the boss, the gatekeeper can decide to deny the proposal to go through and thereby influence the decision making of the management. Turning the situation upside down the gatekeeper is asked to inform parties in a certain case. The gatekeeper again has the power to influence the communicated message.

Not just, does the secretary have the power of communication. He or she does also have access to explicit information as they often are very close to the boss/top management. The secretary is most likely controlling the managers’ calendar and can therefore decide whether or not the manager has time to see you.

If you are wondering about how you can persuade a certain leader, then you should might change your perspective and start thinking about how to persuade the gatekeeper. It is often easier, as the gatekeeper is hired to be open-minded and make objective decisions. If the gatekeeper is convinced, he or she will sell your proposal to the boss and because of the great level of trust the manager and gatekeeper share, the proposal will be treated as valuable.

Everyone needs Motivation

The subject of motivation is very essential for everyone no matter if you are an entrepreneur, a football player, or something else for that matter. Everyone needs motivation to do better and to do differently, in whatever field they are working. Everyone has their own sources for motivation, all depending on which vision, mission, or goal they are pursuing, and everyone is deeply dependent on their source for motivation to perform better at work, at home, or in their own business.

The reason for why I am writing this article is that I just watched a very inspiring movie, which builds on the element of motivation. The movie is Invictus with Morgan Freeman in the lead as Nelson Mandela during the 1995 rugby world cup in South Africa. By motivating the rugby team to do their outmost they join the nation’s different nationalities, and bring hope, motivation, and inspiration to the people of South Africa.

When I personally am in need of motivation I turn my head to certain movies. I have a personal favorite that inspires me a lot to keep on working for achieving my dreams and visions, and the movie is “Pirates of Silicone Valley” which is the story of two leading companies in the software business today: Microsoft and Apple. As I am in to computers it is not odd that such a movie inspires me, and keeps giving me refreshing energy.

Movies are however just one of the sources where I find motivation. It is very important to seek motivation outside of you mitten frames, and when you seek out you also get a lot of other qualities than motivation.  Attending lectures with successful people is another place where I find motivation, and it also brings me valuable qualities, such as extended knowledge, inspiration, and network, which all are important competences if you want to do well in a modern business world.

Seeking motivation is an exciting challenge, and important for all. Without motivation you have no incentives to do anything on your own, and you will end up being a dog taking orders from it owner. Such a situation is there no one who wants to live in, and therefore is it also important to go seek the motivation today if you do not already have it.

It should however not be forgotten that motivation is not something hanging on the trees, and every single individual has its own source for motivation. Therefore may you also go find out what motivates you in particular.

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