Keep your appointments and remain trustworthy!

Trust Stone Grass

How do you expect to be taken serious, if you do not keep you appointments? How will you get people to trust that you can deliver a service if you cannot even manage a phone meeting?

It definitely affects your credibility if you cannot make your appointments. Every man and woman can of natural causes be delayed or in any case be prevented from showing up. In deal focused countries like northern Europe and northern USA it would be normal to make a call to apologizing for the delay, or to be polite and cancel the meeting as soon as it comes to your attention. In this case the costumer is in general sympathetic and is ready to schedule a new appointment. But what happens if you do not cancel you meeting and leave your costumer in the lurch?

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The costumers will most likely feel disappointed and the possibility that the costumer will be willing to schedule a new meeting with you is certainly limited. However not mission impossible, but your trustworthiness has suffered big time.

For the past days I have been working on a new phone solution for a small business. In that situation I have called around to talk with the relevant suppliers of such a solution. With one of the companies that I talked to, I scheduled an appointment for a consulting phone call the next day. I was looking very much forward to the call, but never received it. In that situation the suppliers’ trustworthiness breached, and I am not sure if I would feel secure giving them the order, if they cannot even manage to make a consulting call.

Now is the time for you to pay attention!

The important lesson is: “Gain your costumers trust before you screw around with them.” As soon as you have built up a relationship with your costumer and have gained their trust. They will keep coming back even though you make a little mistake. Is this then a reason for treating your costumers badly?

No way! Look into the marketplace and see who remains successful – those who treat their customers with respect and keep delivering a quality service. Think about it? Why spend a lot of money winning a costumer and then afterwards dumping him or her, when you can spend a minimal amount of money on keeping them in your portfolio.