Svend Aage Faerch Nielsen CEO of Ege Group

Last Monday the 1st of November, Svend Aage Faerch Nielsen the CEO of Ege Group visited me at the Aarhus University Institute of Business and Technology. He was visiting for the “Thought Leader Series” and was guest lecturing about Ege Group, his carrier and how he saw the future.

Ege Group is a Danish manufacture of carpets and flooring solutions. As the CEO showed through his presentation was that Ege is not just a carpet manufacture. Ege is producing entire flooring solutions within carpets for fancy hotels, cinemas, offices, stores, schools and even cruise liners. As examples can be mentioned the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers hotel, Cinelounge Houten cinema, and the Silver Cloud cruise liner. Ege is represented in 52 countries and is a public owned limited company.

Svend Aage Faerch Nielsen has a very impressive CV and has been traveling to far cultures to study and learn about different business cultures. Especially a job as Trade Commissioner for the Danish Embassy in Slovakia taught Svend Aage a lot about cultural differences. A key point of Svend Aage Faerch Nielsens presentation was the importance of traveling and the experience of different cultures. He especially advice the students to keep an open mind towards Asia, by that meaning India and China, which he strongly believed would be a key player no matter which branch you would end up in. As he said: “Don’t mind learning Spanish, learn Chinese.”

The lecture was the first in the Thought-Leader Series second semester and 50 bright students were attending, which must be considered as a good start. Next lecture will be on Monday the 8th of November at the AU-IBT from 15:00 to 16:00. Check out the facebook page and get more information about upcoming lectures.

Alexander Hold and Svend Aage Faerch Nielsen
Alexander Hold and Svend Aage Faerch Nielsen