Relaunching my blog!

WOW – It has been over two years since I last wrote anything on my blog!

The other day I rediscovered my blog. I friend of mine from the Nanyang MBA send me a link to her blog and reading some of the articles inspired me to take a look at my own. I read over a few of my previous posts and actually felt a bit proud.

“There is a lot of good content on this website. It would be a shame not to continue building on this. “

Reading through some of my previous posts, I had this great experience down memory lane, and I realized that writing a blog is as much for myself, as it is for you: the reader.

I have therefore, decided to relaunch and pick up blogging again.

The content of my future posts is not quite clear yet. However, I intend to share some of the expertise and knowledge I have acquired from building TALENT-TEAM Young Talents Recruitment in Norway in the past two years. I also recently moved to Singapore to attend the Nanyang MBA, so without doubt that experience will affect the content I’ll share with you.

I’m looking very much forward to get started, and you can expect the first real article to be shared very soon.