Young Enterprise 2007-2008

Young Enterprise

During my sophomore year in High-School 2007-2008, I participated in the international Junior Achievement/Young Enterprise Company Program. The concept of Company Program is to start a Young Enterprise company, and experience the challenges of being an entrepreneur with a real company. Through the program I came all the way around, from creating an idea, test it, brand it, and present it. Further to create budgets and manage a small business economy with income statements and balances.

The company were through the program competing against other companies about being the one company to represent Denmark at the European Young Enterprise trade fair. Personally my own company made it to the national trade fair, where we competed with the greatest Young Enterprise companies from all over Denmark.



I have been working for Alfotech since 2006 in a part time job next to my study. I have been around in the company and have visited foreign suppliers, been advising regarding IT-investments and phone-communication setups, attended trade fairs.

Alfotech is a Danish supplier of technical components and solutions to the Food-, Pharmaceutical-, and Chemical industry. Find out more

Architect Tyge Skoett


I have a great passion for architecture and took the chance when I was offered a week of work experience in the Danish architect company Tyge Skoett. If was a good experience and I learned a lot about the general mentality in the architectural world. I was lucky to attend both meeting with engineers and costumers during my limited time there.