Michael Alstrup CEO of JBS

Today was the first Thought-Leader seminar, in the planed series of three guest lectures this spring.

For today’s event I had invited Michael Alstup, who is the CEO of the famous Danish Brand JBS. JBS is Scandinavia’s largest producer of underwear, and has been for many years. Michael Alstrup spoke about his personal experiences from the very beginning and up until today, where he is the CEO of a successful growing company.

Considered that it was the first time a Thought-Leader seminar were held at the Aarhus University Institute of Business and Technology, the amount of participating students were only a little above expected. However all participating student were very active and interested in the lecture performed by Michael Alstrup.

Michael Alstrup had been asked to answer a question about how he saw the current world situation, which he simply replied to: “Development and Survival is all about taking action.” Here ended his speech with the keyword: “NETWORK,” which was the lecture he urged everyone to understand.

Personally I found the lecture very interesting, and according to the responses from the participating students, I am not alone when I say that Michael Alstup did a great lecture, and were very inspiring. The positive responses have definitely given me additional energy to continue the success with the Though-Leader series.

Alexander Hold with Michael Alstrup, CEO of JBS
Alexander Hold with Michael Alstrup, CEO of JBS