Jes Jensen CEO of Rationel

Today I held this semester’s last guest lecture in the Thought-Leader series. The Exams are coming up, and everybody are preparing for the exams.

At today’s lecture I had the honor of introducing Jes Jensen the CEO of Rationel. Rationel is manufacturing windows for houses, and has lately introduced a new environmental window system that approaches the issue with loss of heat from the windows and creates a better indoor climate.

Jes Jensen came to Rationel in 2008 with the mission to turn around the company and fit it for a world in financial crises. Jes Jensen has an impressive career and has several CFO- and two CEO positions on his CV. He has been member of various boards, and is mentor for several mentees.

A message Jes Jensen broad with him was the thought of having fun with whatever you are doing. Jes himself have fun when working hard, which must be equal to “hard fun”! Some keywords that Jes wanted everyone to remember were: Clear structure, Common goal, Speed, Visibility, and information. When building a business these keywords are essential and particular these keywords was what Jes Jensen used to turn around Rationel, and make it into a successful business.

Jes Jensen talked about an essential topic for students, which is career planning. It can be hard to make a plan for the future, but what Jes Jensen wanted the participants to understand the most, was to take opportunities when they appeared. He ended his speech with establishing, that we as students are lucky to live in a world of opportunities. We all need to work hard, but if we follow our heat, – our intuition, – we will end up having fun.

Alexander Hold with Jes Jensen CEO of Rationel
Alexander Hold with Jes Jensen CEO of Rationel