Is it ever too late to reply a message?

Today one year later, I received a reply for a message that I wrote the 19th of October 2010. At first I got a bit surprised; however I remembered very well that I send the message a year earlier, but as I did not hear anything for a couple of days, I was in the believe that I would never hear anything at all. However I was wrong, and today I receive a nice sweet reply which actually turned out to make my day. Not that the message had any deeper meaning, but just the surprise of receiving it.

My question is then. Is it ever too late to reply a message?

In the majority of situation I can think of, the answer would be a clear yes. If a message is business related or in any way informative, just a few days can be considered too late, mainly because the world moves in such a rapid phase.

However is the message of any other relation than above stated, my view since today has just changed. We have all tried to stumble upon an old message that we never managed to reply. Usually I would never reply, with the argument that the message is too old and the counterpart has forgotten everything about the message. However this might not be the truth, just using myself as an example. I very clearly remembered the original message and I actually became happy for the reply even though it came one year later.

There is an old saying sounding: “Better late than never”. I actually believe that there is some truth to that. We often in life experience regrets because of things we never did. However trusting the sentence, it is never too late to do what is right, even though it might just be a silly message.

So is it ever too late to reply a message?  Nope!  Better late than never.