Help me defeat the German!

Try to type ”Alexander Hold” into and you will find that appears as number 3 or 4 depending on who look.

The result is quite decent taking into consideration that only have been online for a short while. However it would be lovely to appear as number 1 or 2.

I have for the past months been working for a better ranking on google with different interesting SEO tools and the effort has also paid off. My position on Google has significantly improved from not appearing on page one now to be in the top on the search term “Alexander Hold” However my struggle is still the German TV judge Alexander Hold or better known as “Richter Alexander Hold”.

So how to defeat Richter Alexander Hold on Google.

I need your help by placing a link on your website/blog to: with the anchor text “Alexander Hold”.

So for instance: “Alexander Hold – Network is Power

I believe that you are more creative and will come up with a better text. Together we can defeat the German and send a huge German sat1 TV brand to the second position.

A little Tip: Outgoing links affect your page rank as well as incoming links. Linking to a site containing interesting articles with relevant content for your website will have a positive influence on your page rank.

Get noticed and post a comment to this article with your website from where you link to and put in effort to get your site noticed on the web.