Don’t underestimate the power of your suit!

Have you ever wondered what your looks mean for you opportunities? Usually I would be of the understanding that clothing doesn’t mean anything in your daily life. And to some extend it doesn’t, but it is important to understand when it matters and when it doesn’t.

Gladly the most of us all live in liberated societies, where we have the freedom of speech, and can wear whatever we feel for. Examines has shown that in general it doesn’t matter which labels we are wearing, what matters is the messages we are signaling. Therefore should we also choose our looks from what we want to obtain.

For instance if I go to the bank to seek there cooperation in financing my new business, it won’t help me if I wear a t-shirt saying I got an PHD (pretty huge D..k). The first hand impression is unbelievable important if you want to achieve something from others. A while ago I talked to a woman responsible for hiring new employees for a large Danish insurance company. She told me that she had only once hired a person, which she hadn’t figured out from the first hand impression. So it is not impossible, but why make it anyway more challenging when you in this example have an interview.

In the bank, if we had been wearing a shit signaling that we were serious about our errand, we would probably have got the funding – simply because the bank wouldn’t have rejected us on the first hand impression.

A lesson that I learned when I visited MultiData, was that it is extremely hard to persuade people when they have set their mind. This also applies when we operate with the first hand impression.

I myself rarely gets rejected when I try to obtain something, and I believe it has to with my suitable clothing, and an ability to be friendly and smiling in the situation. Another important issue is of course to be realistic about what to ask for. Don’t thing that someone will get you anything for free, just because you smile and behave in a proper way. By following 3 simple rules you can obtain almost anything.

  1. Wear suitable clothing, signaling your purpose.
  2. Smile and be friendly, even though you get rejected.
  3. Be realistic of what you want to obtain.

And don’t forget that the first hand impression is very important.