Challenge yourself mentally!

It has for the past few years become very popular to go to the gym and work out. The purpose has been to get in good shape and get a well-trimmed body. The trend can only be described as healthy, as a good health is good for your future living.

However as many focus on their look, they more or less miss out on their mental capacity.

If you go to the gym and work out regularly, you will experience that your ability to work out for longer hours increase, simply because you spend more and more time in the fitness center. The same counts for your mental capacity.

Therefore is it important to exercise your brain as you exercise your body. The approach is rather simple as the exercises in the gym. The answer is to challenge yourself mentally. Institutions like schools and universities try in an organized way to create these challenges, but in the end they cannot force you to take the challenge. Only you are the master of your own mental exercising, as only you decide if you want to spend time in the gym or not.

You don’t necessarily need to be in school to be challenged, because the challenges are all in your head and you carry them around with you all the time. The worst thing you can do is to put your head to sleep and not to take the mental challenges that you are presented for during the day. When you are presented with a problem, force yourself to find a solution instead of just accepting that there is a problem and then let it go.

Think of your brain as a body part that needs to be trained equally to biceps and other mussel parts.

Get out there and challenge yourself mentally.