Regional Collaboration NCM OSLO 2013

JA-YE Alumni Europe NCM OSLO 2013

It has been forever since I last shared anything on the blog. However, now is the time and there is a reason why!

I’ll like to share with you a great event I attended recently. Every year the Junior Achievement – Young Enterprise Alumni is gathering all its national coordinators, for what is known as the National Coordinators meeting, or NCM.

Ice-Breaking JA-YE NCM OSLO 2013

This year’s event was hosted by the Norwegian Alumni in Oslo, Norway and a total of 17 different nations were represented. The purpose of the event was to enrich collaboration across borders and to maintain an international network in-between the national networks. The fact is that collaboration across boarders might be a challenge due to cultural differences. However, many of the challenges faced on a national level is often shared by sister groups in other countries and everyone will actually benefit from sharing these experiences and try and solve the issues together.

The European Board and the Norwegian Team
The European Board and the Norwegian Team

A big thanks goes to the Norwegian Team, who put together an inspirational, well organised and all over successful, fun and amazing event. Not just was the choice of lectures, sightseeing, dining and sleep of the highest standards. The logistics of the entire event was also managed to perfection and participants from all over Europe could enjoy Oslo and its beauty to its fullest.

Anne Stine UE Alumni Norway
Anne Stine UE Alumni Norway

YEAD Board Member 2012-2013

YEAD - Young Enterprise Alumni Denmark Board

On the 29th of September 2012 I was elected member of the Young Enterprise Alumni Denmark Board.

The YEAD board’s mission is to serve the former Young Enterprise participants, to encourage networking and continuous learning within the field of leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

I was elected as secretary of the board and will primarily be assisting the president and vice-president of the board with administrative jobs.

Furthermore, the board is responsible for a series of events arranged for the members of the organization. Of events can be mentioned the popular Leader for a Day, YEAD Camp, the YEAD Dinner, and international events, such as for instance the annual JA-YE Alumni Conference.

My board position will run for a period of one year, and the board will be re-elected at the next General Assembly.

Graduate of the Year 2012

Shaking hands with University Director Michael Goodsite

I was awarded the prominent price of Graduate of the Year 2012 at Aarhus University Herning.

The price is awarded to a student who has had significant impact on the study environment at Aarhus University and I was awarded Graduate of the Year 2012 for my work with the Thought Leader Series.

At the graduation ceremony Friday the 29th of June, everything was just as any graduation ceremony should be. There were speeches from directors, students and a long process of diplomas being handed to all the proud and happy graduates. I was among the graduates and together with all my friends; I enjoyed receiving my second diploma in a week.

The last entry on the scheduled ceremony program was presentation of awards. A total of 10 students received prices all for their great results on their bachelor thesis. The very last price awarded was the price of Graduate of the Year 2012. I had absolutely no idea that I was a candidate to receive the price, and as the University Director Michael Goodsite was reading out loud the argumentation for awarding this year’s price, I was still in great doubt. However, my friends around me didn’t seem to doubt that much and a lot of turning heads and pokes from those within reach became a reality.

Being awarded the price among so many great students is an honour and I was truly happy and a bit proud to be the one shaking the hands of the University Director. The price symbolised the ending of a great three years of my life and it feels good looking back knowing that I made a significant impact that was recognised and appreciated by the university and the management.

Hug with Study Director Inger Hauge
Hug with Study Director Inger Hauge

The following speech was read out loud by Center Director Michael E. Goodsite at the ceremony:

” The student, who are to receive the award ”Graduate of the Year”, has contributed to the value of Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences, AU Herning in the best possible way. The student has taken a rare and original initiative to bring to AU Herning the experience and actions of real life companies. The initiative has made a difference for all students at AU Herning without exception. The student has in his spare time, next to his daily studies, and without any compensation, managed to arrange for a series of presentations, where CEOs with a nerve and thought have shared their story. Egetaepper, JBS, EG, Rationel, and MCH are just a few of the mid and western Jutlandic companies which have been represented in the “Thought-Leader Series”. The Students activities greatly support our strategic value ‘closeness to the Business Community’. The Student has also participated in our Buddy program to assist exchange student settle at AU Herning. The student is rich on initiative and a very responsible person. We have seen that this student has gone through an impressive personal development through his student life here at AU Herning – this is a flower that has been nourished by his study and social activities – and who is now UNIQ and ready to take new challenges. It is with pleasure we present the award to HAim graduate: Michael Alexander Hold. ,,

Read the article about the graduation ceremony at Aarhus University Herning from the regional newspaper here (Danish)

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