Byron Bay; are you kidding me!

Australia keeps surprising me! It is currently winter, 25 degree Celsius, and sunny every day long. This weekend I were heading three hours down the coast, to the popular spot for adventure seeking youngsters from all over the world looking for a great beach, beautiful nature and a good night life. The spot is Byron Bay and I went with the USC International Students Association, better known as ISA, an voluntary student association initiated by the USC international for offering great experiences for international students of USC.

Usually I do research before I head to a new place, however Byron Bay was a very impulsive move and I had absolutely no idea of what to expect. However I was happily surprised. After a great social night with a great group of international students it had become morning and time for a sunny day at Byron Bay. The day started with a magnificent breakfast at a wonderful sidewalk restaurant, where eggs, bacon and pancakes were served with style and refinement. Fresh juice and cappuccino were served with grace. It was an absolutely extraordinary experience, which probably were very much caused by the combination of a great company, good location, and good food.

Byron Bay Beach
Byron Bay Beach

After enjoying the exclusive breakfast, three guys and I went to explore the area of Byron Bay. First destination was the beach, where families and youngsters were enjoying the sun and the sound of breaking waves hitting the shore. Because of it being winter, the activity level on the beach and the number of people sunbathing was probably less than during peak season. However people were still surfing and we had a great walk on the beach, where we saw dolphins joining the surfers on the waves.

Australia is a great place for wildlife, and especially if you come from a European Country such as Denmark, where the wildlife is limited to deer’s, rabbits, and different birds, you tend to be surprised when something big makes noises in the bushes. I was truly surprised when an approximately 1.2 meter long Sand Goanna crossed the walking path, with its long slim body and its long tongue tasting the environment.

Alexander Hold Byron Bay Goanna
Sand Goanna

Byron Bay was also offering other great wildlife experiences and I got the chance to spot a wale surfacing with its great blow of air and water. The whale was on a distance and sadly my photo equipment didn’t have the necessary distance to capture the whale up close. However the journey continued from here and all the way up to the highest point where a stunning white lighthouse were signalling important information to the ships at sea.

Alexander Hold Byron Bay View
Byron Bay View

I only spend one day and one night in Byron Bay, but that was all it took for me to love this stunning  location on earth. One thing is for sure, as soon as I have the opportunity to head back, I am going.

If you are passing by Byron Bay on your way up or down the Gold Coast, you must not miss the opportunity to experience this absolutely magnificent location. Byron Bay offers everything you want, whether it is shopping, adventure or pure relaxation.

So Byron Bay; Are you kidding me. This place rocks…