Are your Website Alive?

You might have noticed that has got a Christmas theme, which will stick on until the 25th of December, then hopefully I can change it to a New Year theme the 31st of December and then go back to my usual design the 1st or 2nd of January 2011.

You might wonder why? So let me explain you why!

The thing is that people notice visual changes better then content changes, simply cause to the way the human brain is build up. Try to do a course on mind mapping and you will understand why it is essential to do certain task visual and others written. In general peoples visual skills are way better then their reading skills, and therefore they do also have a tendency to notice visual changes before they realize there have been a written change.

I started wondering about this particular issue, in the process of finishing a marketing plan for the University. While I was valuing brands and positions of different furniture retailers, I noticed major differences in the online branding strategies concerning the retailers website.

I believe that a business websites is like a window display in a shopping mall, and it is all about catching the attention of the people passing by. It is the same with websites, which is why I want to bring up to good examples.

Press on the pictures to see them in large! website website
BoConcept Website
BoConcept Website

Looking at these two websites you see that the first one is set up with a Christmas theme, that might not be Christmas style, but it still sends a clear signal that Bolia is alive. Comparing to BoConcept which is an international furniture retailer, their website is always professional and static, which sends a professional but dead signal.

Google does it too. You can’t have been active on the web, without noticing Google’s different logos in occasion of holidays. These logos help Google, which is normally a really clean website, to get a spite of wildness and aliveness into its clean a dead design. See the logos here!

And that is why you at the moment can experience a Christmas theme at

There is nothing wrong with learning from the successful, so consider if you can do anything to your website to make it seem more alive and let your target audience perceive a website full of activity. This might bring them back again to see if there have been any changes.