A future economic prediction

This article is not academically referenced, and should not be seen as more than a thought of the world’s current financial situation.

The world is in the shitter. I am sorry to be pessimistic, but having eyes and ears makes it impossible not to notice that something is fundamentally wrong.

I would like to make a prediction that might, might not come true. Don’t take it for more than it is, just a simple prediction of a tough future: Within the next half a year, we will experience a financial meltdown of the global markets and Europe and America in particular will enter an era of great recession continuing for 5 to 7 years.

Every economist has since the bank crises of 2008 known that a recession was inevitable, and that it is only a matter of time before the global financial markets crash. With the current activities in Europe it is obvious that further spending and greater debt will in a very near future eliminate all trust in the markets, forcing it into an inevitable meltdown.

A lot of people will lose their jobs and will have to leave their homes. Even though everyone knows that it is inevitable, it will still come as a surprise to the most and there will be absolutely no way to escape.

The biggest issue is that our so called leaders are paralysed and has absolutely no idea on how to fix the problem. No wonder, because there is only one solution and that is a crash and boom. An economy send back to scratch, a recovery process, and the economy, as we know it, will once again flourish.

So is this so bad? No not really, it is a necessity and better now than later. One thing is clear, getting in more and more debt will only make the recovery process much harder.

A last entry! History shows that great opportunities always has and always will emerge from great crises. This means that people of great intelligence will see opportunities to enter the market with products of a new future.