What is a QR code? and What to use it for?

QR code is a two dimensional barcode that can contain Website URL’s, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other personal messages.

What are QR codes?

Have you not yet created your QR code and have you not yet thought about what to use it for? Then it might be about time to get started.

QR stands for Quick Response and were developed by the Japanese company Denso-Wave . The system was developed to be used in car production, where robots automatically could identify spare parts. The QR system however does have other functionalities, which are now entering the western world after have been huge in Japan for many years.

What to use QR codes for?

When it comes to use QR codes it is about being innovative, because there are extraordinary opportunities with this system.

In Japan where the system has been used for many years, the QR codes are to be seen everywhere in the public space. Imagine billboards which today contain limited information, will with a QR code could contain unlimited information. Simply access your QR reader on you smartphone, point at the billboards QR code and you will access the website concerning the particular happening.

Another interesting place to use the QR code is on your personal card. I tend to get my QR code printed on my card for enabling the receiver to access my website with a simple point from a smartphone. In addition to other cards, it might have a refreshing effect on the receiver, which will make your card more valuable.

QR Code
QR Code

In the nearby future we can expect to see these QR codes printed on products in the supermarket, where the consumer with a cellphone will get access to information about the particular product.

Why QR codes?

The need for information in our society has grown, since the arrival of the internet. And now is a technology so cheap and easy to use available for everyone, which makes it logic to implement it in our society.

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