Must Do in Queensland Australia!

I have been traveling a bit in what I am calling my second home. That is what has inspired me to do this little overview of a few Must-Dos in Queensland, Australia.

If you fly into Brisbane get out of the city as quickly as possible. This is the first on the list.

1.    Brisbane Southbank

Brisbane South Bank
Brisbane South Bank

Brisbane is a beautiful city, but not a place you want to waste your precious time. Spend Maximum one day in Brisbane and then head up the coast where real Queensland is coming to life.

When you are in Brisbane, take a walk on Queens Street, direction west, towards Victoria Bridge. When you cross the bridge experience Brisbane Art Gallery. The Building in itself is an Architectural masterpiece. What is my Must-see, is the Brisbane Southbank man-made lagoon and beach. For Europeans this is quite a unique sight. After enjoying Southbank and possibly a great lunch at one of the nice cafés, with the view of the skyline reflecting in the river, take the Goodwill Bridge to the Botanic gardens, and you are once again back down-town. Should you have an extra day in Brizzy, why not visit Brisbane’s official site and find out what is going on right now.

2.    Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo
Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo is the first stop you want to make when you get out of the City.

Take the opportunity to feed kangaroos and get to hold a koala, or just let you wonder in this massive beautiful park filled with creatures from all over the world. Don’t miss the Croc show, where all the parks most spectacular animals are showcased. The Crocodiles are not that impressive, but the rest is. Australia Zoo for sure a Must-Do when in Queensland!

3.    Noosa

Australia Noosa
Australia Noosa

Don’t miss out of Noosa, which is the posh part of the Sunshine Coast. Noosa got beautiful beaches, beautiful houses, beautiful women, yes Noosa got it all. Spend half a day here and take a walk in the national park, discover heisting’s street, or just beach it. The Noosa Surf Club is the place you want to experience a great Australian Lunch in a relaxed environment with great Australian self-service, and the greatest view in town. Get a seat outside!

4.    Tin Can Bay – Dolphin feeding

Tin Can Bay Dolphin Feeding
Tin Can Bay Dolphin Feeding

Have you ever been hand feeding a dolphin?

I Australia there is a lot of opportunities to do so, but probably one of the cheapest is Tin Can Bay Dolphin Centre. You have to get up early if you are not staying in town. However there is absolutely no reason for staying in Tin Can Bay overnight. Probably the most boring town in the area. However a beautiful morning drive from Noosa and up will take you two hours and will be one of the most beautiful drives you have done. Be there around 7 to 8 and the dolphins will be in for a morning snack.

5.    Fraser Island

Alexander hold Fraser Island
Alexander hold Fraser Island

Fraser Island is one of the more expensive, but for sure one of the most beautiful. Experience the world’s largest sand island on a 2 or 3 day trip. The longer the better! I have previously described Fraser as paradise on earth, and I must say I still stand with that. A great natural stop after Tin Can Bay. Remember to ask to go see Indian Head, and you feel like you are a part of a Pirate of the Caribbean movie.

6.    Town of 1770 or Agnes Water – The world´s cheapest Surf School

Town of 1770
Town of 1770

Agnes Waters, or better known for the town of 1770, where Captain Cook for the first time sat foot on the Australian Continent, are where you will find what is known as the world’s cheapest surf-school. For only 17 Australian Dollar can you enjoy a great 3-4 hours of surfing in the Pacific Ocean. You have not really been in Australia if you haven’t been surfing!


7.    Koorana Crocodile Farm

Koorana Saltwater Crocodile Farm
Koorana Saltwater Crocodile Farm

After been surfing an enjoying Town of 1770, make your way up to Rockhampton and drive off towards Emu Park. Here you will find Koorana Crocodile Farm, which for sure will make even the toughest machos fear the ancient creatures of nature. At Koorana you can put your teeth’s to a real life Croc Stake or you can just join the guided feeding tour of the crocs, where you will see why you should keep clear of the rivers of Rockhampton and north. You won’t be disappointed at Koorana and are keen; you can even get a chance to hold a real life crocodile.

8.    Whitsundays Sailing

Whitsundays Island
Whitsundays Island

Whitsundays Islands might be the reason why you are heading north and this is as far as I have made it so far. However this does not make the place any less attractive. What everybody does at the Whitsundays Islands is to go sailing, and you should do the same. Why not experience whales, dolphins and the best of Mother Nature from a great yacht cruising these beautiful waters. Do yourself a favour and book a tour on a real sports sailing ship as the old Volvo Ocean Race boats or similar, for the thrill of real life sailing. Whitsundays is also the place for snorkelling with a million fish and if you are lucky you might see a turtle.

That was seven of the best Must-Dos/Sees of Queensland, but maybe you can help me finish the list? If I missed anything, please feel welcome to share and I might get inspired to some new places to discover.

University of the Sunshine Coast

University of the Sunshine Coast

University of the Sunshine Coast – 2011 to 2012

I have for a period of 12 months been doing my Double Degree for Aarhus University and University of the Sunshine Coast.

I have lived in Australia for one year, in an international community of international students from all over the world. This experience has taught me a great deal about accepting people’s differences and I have grown friends from nations spread widely all over the world.

Courses I have taken at University of the Sunshine Coast:

1.    Semester: Cross Cultural Management, Introduction to Informatics, International Trade and Finance in a Global Economy, Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility.

2.    Semester: Business Law and Ethics, Consumer Behaviour, Principles of International Business, Principles of Property Valuation.

A future economic prediction

This article is not academically referenced, and should not be seen as more than a thought of the world’s current financial situation.

The world is in the shitter. I am sorry to be pessimistic, but having eyes and ears makes it impossible not to notice that something is fundamentally wrong.

I would like to make a prediction that might, might not come true. Don’t take it for more than it is, just a simple prediction of a tough future: Within the next half a year, we will experience a financial meltdown of the global markets and Europe and America in particular will enter an era of great recession continuing for 5 to 7 years.

Every economist has since the bank crises of 2008 known that a recession was inevitable, and that it is only a matter of time before the global financial markets crash. With the current activities in Europe it is obvious that further spending and greater debt will in a very near future eliminate all trust in the markets, forcing it into an inevitable meltdown.

A lot of people will lose their jobs and will have to leave their homes. Even though everyone knows that it is inevitable, it will still come as a surprise to the most and there will be absolutely no way to escape.

The biggest issue is that our so called leaders are paralysed and has absolutely no idea on how to fix the problem. No wonder, because there is only one solution and that is a crash and boom. An economy send back to scratch, a recovery process, and the economy, as we know it, will once again flourish.

So is this so bad? No not really, it is a necessity and better now than later. One thing is clear, getting in more and more debt will only make the recovery process much harder.

A last entry! History shows that great opportunities always has and always will emerge from great crises. This means that people of great intelligence will see opportunities to enter the market with products of a new future.

A Favour returning in another Favour

Pay it Forward

Today I did something good for somebody else. An acquaintance of mine sadly missed her hired bus out of town and felt a little lost in the situation. I advised her to catch a public bus going to the central station where from she could catch another bus heading to her destination. As a favour I pulled out one of two travel passes from my wallet and handed it over. The pass would take her to her destination. As the pass would still be valuable as she would reach her destination, she asked if she should send it back to me. Whereto I answered: “Give it to some lucky stranger when you arrive”.

Alright it is not the matter of life and death and we talk a favour only worth a few dollars, but it still reminded me of a concept presented in a movie I had seen just a few years previously. The name of the movie is called “Pay It Forward”. You might have seen it, and the concept is in general fairly simple.

Instead of returning a favour you should pay it forward.

The travel pass I had received from a friend as he was leaving and it would no longer be valuable to him. It was valuable to me until today, where it became more valuable for somebody else. Considering this movement, four people have already had the benefit of one man’s generosity, followed by another man’s generosity, followed by another woman’s generosity and who knows? Maybe the movement will continue.

The same concept is presented in the movie and in theory the concept should be up for solving major problems of humanity. It is a noble thought and we can only encourage us self and our surroundings to be helpful to one another, believing that one favour will return in another favour paid forward to somebody else.

Watch the trailer of the movie here:

Was it worth the money?

New Years Sydney 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!

This year I spend my New Year’s Eve 2012 in Sydney, witnessing the spectacular Sydney Harbour fireworks. It was a truly amazing experience, despite the 12 hours wait for a good spot of the show.

After arriving home yesterday, I had a funny incident with my landlord commenting on the fact that I was so amazed by my experience in Sydney. What she confronted me with was a 6.3 million large figure representing the coast of the fireworks in Sydney, and whether or not I found 12 min of fireworks worth that large amount of money. I gladly answered that it was all worth it, to her surprise. We did not discuss it further. However it made me start wondering.

I knew what I had spent in Sydney for the four days I was there, and just with simple math I quickly realized that the 6.3 million was not such a bad investment. Just with some rough estimates I could easily disprove my landlord’s position.

It had wakened my attention and I had to research the actual figures of the event.  The official figures indicate that the 6.3 million fireworks had put 156 million dollar into the local economy and on average a total cost of 4 dollar per spectator. This means that 1.575,000 people saw the show.  In Australia the corporate income tax is flat 30% which means that the government has earned an estimate of 46.8 million dollar, deducting the 6.3, equal to 40.5 million dollar in tax revenue.  (These estimates due not consider speculations or other forms of avoiding taxes.) However the numbers speak for them self.

Was the 6.3 million dollar fireworks show worth the money? Yes it was all worth it!