Fraser Island or Paradise on Earth

Someone might call it paradise on earth; others call it the world largest sand island. The name is Fraser Island and I had the unique opportunity to experience it up on first hand.

Fraser Island is the world largest sand island and it spans 120 km from the furthest point to the other. There is nothing else but sand, which makes up for what cannot really be called solid ground, but makes ground for a marvellous rainforest with a tropical wildlife.

Life presents itself with a lot of opportunities and when I was presented with the opportunity to join a trip to Fraser Island I took it. I went with a group of 16 people and a tour guide that was showing us around the island.

The trip started an early Saturday morning and we headed up the sunshine coast for two hours until we reached the ferry that would take us to the uninhabited island. As we reached shore it was clear that this island was without infrastructure and a long bumpy ride took us all the way to Eurong, where we would have our lunch as well as we would camp here later the same day.

Fraser Island Eli Creek
Fraser Island Eli Creek

A magnificent first day

Our first day started for real after lunch where we headed to see the rainforest. We went for a hike for about an hour into the rainforest and as it being my first rainforest experience, it was a stunning moment in my life. However the most refreshing experience was still to come.

The greatest experience of the first day was the magnificent experience of fresh natural water, clear and ready to drink. However we were not going to drink the water, but to swim it. We were at Lake Birrabeen, which is a freshwater lake located in the middle of Fraser Island. Fraser Island hosts several freshwater lakes where the vegetation of the rainforest creates the waterproof shield that prevent the water to directly penetrate the beautiful white sand beaches covering the shores of the lake.

Second day started early

Fraser Island sunrise
Fraser Island sunrise

After a great first day and a good night sleep in Eurong, I woke up 05:30 in the morning to go see the sunrise at the incredible large beach covering the entire coast of Fraser Island. I got some nice shots that can be seen in the bottom of this page. After breakfast we were heading approximately 80 km up the beach to discover Indian Head, which is the only piece of originated rock on the entire island. Indian Head is best described by imagining being a part of one of these pirate movies where they discover an uninhabited island. From the top of Indian head was what I must describe as the world’s greatest view. Beautiful beaches as long as the eye can see and a tropical rainforest waiting in the inland with untouched white sand desserts appearing in-between the rainforest.

After Indian Head we headed back south the beach to stop at what is known as Eli Creek, the largest creek on the island. Here we stayed for lunch and for a walk in the clear freshwater streaming from the island into the ocean. What have made me call Fraser Island paradise on earth might have to do with the beauty of Eli Creek. Never in my life have I seen so clear natural water stream along trees and plants through a rainforest and directly into the oceans killing waves.

Surprise, Surprise!

Fraser Island Eli Creek
Fraser Island Eli Creek

I rarely experience to be surprised, but I must say that I had a pleasant surprise at Fraser Island. After lunch at Eli Creek we headed further south the beach to reach the path for Lake Wabby. We were asked to bring our swimsuits and towels and then we as a group of 16 were send into to rainforest. After have been walking for 45 min in the heat we reach this beautiful sand desert, with the view of the ocean in the horizon. However there is no water to be seen and as smart university students we realize that we have been fooled. Australians has a tendency of naming things and places after what they are or what they look like. As the dessert could look like a great empty lake, we were very sure we had been fooled. However that was not the surprise. As our tour guide reached us we were told to go just a bit further and as we crossed the dessert we found this hidden oasis of water with the stunning rainforest protecting its back.

As the oasis and Lake Wabby was the last stop before the trip home, no one really felt like leaving this paradise on earth. However we had to, and four hours later we are all were dropped off where it all started a day earlier. On our way home we were lucky to see both a Dingo and Dolphins jumping out the water.

The key to success

So what made this trip to Fraser Island a success? Well the surrounding and the beauty of such an untouched paradise on earth certainly helped. However I believe the core aspect comes down to the people that participated. The people made the trip and coincidently we 16 youngsters managed to hit it off and have a great time in each other’s presents.

See pictures from Fraser Island

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Danish music without limitations

Medina Album Cover

As I thought Danish music had a limited reach, I was surprised this evening. I was attending some evening gathering in what is called the pavilion, a common area for the students to hang out. I got to meet a lot of international students from Germany, France, Norway, America, Australia etc. However I seem to be the only Danish guy so far.

What I noticed during the evening was the selection of music. Mainly mainstream, such as Party Rock, Mr. Saxobeat and so on. However in-between were also played Medina and Rasmus Seebach, which are popular Danish artists performing in Danish. I must say I was surprised to travel 12.000km to hear the same music that is played in Denmark. Apparently my assumption about Danish music being limited to a rather small Danish audience has been wrong. It apparently is also known and played in the wide world and I am wondering what other Danish objects I might stumble upon. Lurpak the Danish Butter brand might be the first, as I managed to buy it in the store today.

Today’s lesson learned. Watch out for your assumptions; if you do not know it. There is a possibility that you might be wrong. Do not let that assumption limit your vision.

Safely Arrived Down Under

Ethiad Airways in Abu Dhabi International

After 32 hours on the go and several delays and a lot of running, I have finally arrived at the Sunshine Coast of Australia. It is a little ironic that the place is called the Sunshine Coast as it is raining pretty extreme in this very moment. However I have been check-in to my apartment where I will spend the next year of my life. I will be attending the University of the Sunshine Coast, where I will be following courses in International Business. I am still fighting the jetlag, but hope to be on Australian time tomorrow morning, where there will be another rainy day waiting.

Being traveling for 32 hours is not really confortable, no matter how great the seat and service is. However I must say that I felt fairly treated flying Etihad operating together with Virgin Australia and nothing was needed on the trip, even though I managed to be late on three out of four flights, which got me in quite a rush in both Frankfurt and Sydney Airport. Only in Abu Dhabi did I have plenty of time, even though I would have wished to be in a rush particular here. The temperature in Abu Dhabi was 42°C. However the terminal was approximately 10-15°C. due to air-conditioning. Not being used to air-conditioning made this a very unpleasant experience.

Rush in Sydney

When I landed in Sydney I was 45 minutes behind schedule and walking through costumes took another hour leaving me with 1 hour for getting from terminal 1 to terminal 2, check-in, walking through security, and boarding my flight. I was told it was impossible in terminal 1, and the first 45 minutes also went with getting to terminal 2, leaving me with 15 minutes to make the flight. I jumped the line in check-in and the nice Lady at the counter re-opened for baggage drop. I jumped the line at security and was pulled aside for an additional drug test, which I passed and then had 2 minutes left to reach the gate. Gladly I made the flight and all I coursed was a 20 minutes delay at the final destination.

I had the most amazing flight up the east coast of Australia with a great view of Sydney, the Goal Coast, Moreton Island, Brisbane, and Mooloolaba beach. The air was extremely clear and I could see all the way to the Mountains in the hinterland. I knew that I had reached paradise and now I look forward to experience it up close.

This is the first blog post in a new series of my experiences in Australia. I do not know yet what it is going to be like, but one thing is clear. I will do my best to document the differences discovered 12000 km away from Denmark.

3 minutes is all it takes

TED Talks Ideas Worth Spreading

I just stumbled upon this video on TED. The truth is that I stumbled upon it a long time ago, but found it again yesterday evening. The video is a 3 minute lecture about how to create a movement, held by Derek Sivers who is most famous for founding the company CD baby in 1998. The video does not need a long introduction as it more or less speaks for itself.

What amazes me with this video is Derek Sivers ability to send such a clear message in just 3 minutes time. The message is so easily acceptable and understandable for the audience, which actually makes the speech persuasive.

I believe that Derek Sivers is making a good observation. “A leader is nothing without his first follower.” This is where the gift of persuasion comes in handy, as a Leader is always in the situation of persuading others. I especially like the final conclusion that Derek Sivers comes to. “Be supportive of the first mover and be the first follower.” According to Derek Sivers the first follower deserves the same credit as the leader, because the first follower is what actually makes the leader. I believe that he is on to something.

We can learn a lot form this little 3 minute lecture and it is inspiring that we only need 3 minutes to understand a deep meaningful message. If you feel inspired there are thousands of other great videos on If you stumble upon some great inspiring lectures that have a great message, feel welcome to share with me in a comment on the right. As the slogan of ted states: “Ideas Worth Spreading”. Don’t forget to spread great ideas.

TED Talks Ideas Worth Spreading

You are Vulnerable

High Tech

You might have noticed that have been offline for the past days due to the flooding’s in Copenhagen. is hosted by a Danish web operator and the servers are not at my disposal. For websites of this kind, it is very normal to outsource the hosting as it simply makes no sense moneywise to be hosting locally. This is not up for discussion. However this has started some thoughts of mine, about the whole concept of hosting in the Sky regarding companies.

In these years it is heavily debated whether or not the companies should jump on the wave of Cloud Computing. I have always been a great supporter of the concept and I do also believe that we within the next 5 to 10 years will see a dramatically shift from devices operating on local hardware to devices taking advantage of supercomputers located on remote server farms.

However the little incidence that I have been witnessing for the past days have put my mind to be more sceptical and I have come to understand company security experts’ concern about losing control of vital business elements. The problem is that companies today are 99% dependent on their IT to be doing business. You might not be doing business on the web. However all economical as well as stock data is all gathered in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, such as SAP and Axapta. Without these programs running the most companies cannot sell anything, simply because they have become too dependent.

As I see it.

The discussion whether or not to outsource the ERP to a Cloud solution comes down to risk vs. revenue. A company being very risk averse will never go for the cloud computing solution, where an innovative and risk seeker would go for the solution in the Sky, because it is smarter, more functional, modern, and overall a great cheaper alternative. The problem is when disasters strike, like the flooding in Copenhagen and all business suddenly enters a standstill. Will the operator prioritise your business in favour of others, or will you end up being shut down for several days?

The essential part of this article is not to discuss the pros and corns of the new technology of Cloud Computing, but to stress the necessity of considering the vulnerability of the company’s key functions. When knowing the vulnerable elements of a company, you have the opportunity to minimize the risk and do an analysis of risk vs. profitability.

I discovered that I was vulnerable and that I had absolutely no options in the current situation, but to wait for the operator to fix the problem. Knowing this, I am aware that I should not singlehanded depend on one source being functioning, but I should have others sources located on others systems available.