From one year to another

Fireworks New Year 2010

The end on the year is near and in fact today is the last day of 2010. As everybody does at this time a year I will also try to look back at what I have accomplished in year 2010, and what goals and expectation I have for 2011.

Year 2010 was the year where was born, which I so far feel really good about. A couple of thousands have read one of my articles and have studied my CV. I have been able to make a few new connections through this media and I have great expectations for in the New Year to come.

Looking at my CV there is only registered four events in 2010, which might seem like a little. However I have been quite busy during 2010 and I have spent a lot of time expanding my horizon and cultural understanding by traveling.

My first trip went to Spain in the beginning of the year, visiting different production companies, among which Gerresheimer was one of them. The trip was great experience and became possible in connection with a great friend of mine. I have had several of these experiences in 2010, where I through a friend or a connection have been challenged with things that I have never tried before. I have been shooting clay pigeons, windsurfing, sailing optimist, visited high class societies, and in general had unforgettable experiences; All possible because of good friends and great connections.

During the summer I experienced the capital of Norway, Olso, which was a great experience and opened my eyes for a very beautiful city and a neighbour country with several opportunities.

I spend a week in the capital of Britain, London, where I enjoyed several attractions and visited the parliament, West Minister, which I strongly recommend to all visitors of the impressive capital. I met up with an old American connection during my stay and spend a pleasant time in great company. Further I love the theatre and London was a great opportunity to fulfil that enjoyment.

Year 2010 was also the time where I spend a week as a volunteer in the Nordics largest entrepreneurial event Emax Nordic, where 200 youngsters form the Scandinavian countries compete in a business simulation game and extend their Scandinavian network. The experience was amazing and without no doubt something I would do again if I will have the opportunity.

For the first time I visited Eastern Europe which turned out to be a pleasant surprise. My stay in Vilnius, Lithuania brought a lot of great experiences and several strong connections in the European countries. The annual JA-YE Alumni Conference is one of the events that I have a strong connection to, and which will remain an important event for me to participate in.

My latest journey went to Barcelona, Spain, which is a city and society that have so many great values and should be admired for it. My impression of Barcelona was way greater than expected and it is for sure a city that I would like to explore further, because I believe that the rest of the world can learn a lot from the way of life, which is lived in Barcelona.

Year 2010 was not just a year with great traveling experiences; it was also the year where the Thought-Leader Series was founded by me at the AU-IBT. 6 interesting and successful CEO’s have visited me at the university and the experience of getting this project up and running has been a great challenge. That is also why I have decided to continue the success and I will present 6 guest lectures for the third season of the Thought-Leader Series at AU-IBT. I look very much forward to it, and expect a lot from the CEO’s visiting, the students attending, and from myself as the host and founder.

Looking back at 2010, I feel proud of my achievements and look forward to 2011, which will bring even more great experiences and adventures. Not just do I have the Thought-Leader Series in sight, I do also have the preparation and planning of a two semester study trip abroad. I can only be glad that I have so many great opportunities and I look forward to be challenged in the New Year.

Happy New Year! to you, your friends and family, as well as your connections and acquaintance. May the New Year bring you joy and happiness with whatever you do!

What is a Flash Mob?

Flash Mob T-mobile Heatrow Terminal 5

Have you ever heard of the term Flash Mob? The Concept is pretty cool and can easily be explained. Read hear Wikipedia’s English definition:A flash mob (or flashmob) is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, then disperse.”

In other words; a flash mob is a social gathering in an unusual place. This is one of my favorite flash mob’s because of it professionalism, but there is a lot of viral flash mob’s to find on youtube.

What you see in the video above is a part of advertising campaign for the German telecommunication provider T-mobile in Britain. The video is recorded in Heathrow Airport, London, and is a product of 300 people’s hard work. T-mobile have done several of these flash mob’s around Britain, and have had great success to attract the attention of the media as well as the public.

What is interesting about flash mob’s in general is the massive attention it gets in the public atmosphere, and how it engage and gives an experience to people who accidently is in the spot where the flash mob takes place.

I keep referring to the viral effect of these events, but the viral effect is not just online in video form. It also exists in mouth to mouth verbal form, where people tell their friends and family about for instance: what an amazing welcome they had in Heathrow Terminal 5 by T-mobile. People blog about the experience and share armature video and pictures from the happening. All this creates the difference from a regular viral video, which does not catch the surprised faces of the public. When doing professional flash mob’s the epicenter is way larger than regular viral videos and the message of the event (flash mob) is so much stronger and will reach even further.

When we talk about modern business and marketing, the competition is so intense and we have to think different. That is what T-mobile is doing and they are really good at it.

At last I would like to share and example of another flash mob that surprised travelers at Grant Central Station, New York. Notice that more than 24 million have watched the video.

Merry Christmas to You

Merry Christmas -

Christmas is the time a year where families join together in social bond and enjoy each other’s company for good and for bad. It is a time where people spend a lot of money on good food and presents that makes their love ones happy. And it is a time that brings up the best in people.

Christmas is also a great time for taking the opportunity of writing a personal Christmas greeting to your friends and network and wishes them a merry Christmas. Especially; you have the opportunity of expressing if you admire or are thankful to someone who, in one way or another have helped your or meant something to your professionally. Usually I would argue for why to do so. However it is Christmas and I believe in the best in people and I am sure, that you as reader of this blog are aware of the importance of greeting and thanking people that have done well.

I would like to wish you, and all your fellow readers, bloggers, followers and experts in your particular subject a Merry Christmas.

I hope you all will enjoy a happy time with your families or friends spread the joy of Christmas to your surroundings.