Keep your appointments and remain trustworthy!

Trust Stone Grass

How do you expect to be taken serious, if you do not keep you appointments? How will you get people to trust that you can deliver a service if you cannot even manage a phone meeting?

It definitely affects your credibility if you cannot make your appointments. Every man and woman can of natural causes be delayed or in any case be prevented from showing up. In deal focused countries like northern Europe and northern USA it would be normal to make a call to apologizing for the delay, or to be polite and cancel the meeting as soon as it comes to your attention. In this case the costumer is in general sympathetic and is ready to schedule a new appointment. But what happens if you do not cancel you meeting and leave your costumer in the lurch?

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The costumers will most likely feel disappointed and the possibility that the costumer will be willing to schedule a new meeting with you is certainly limited. However not mission impossible, but your trustworthiness has suffered big time.

For the past days I have been working on a new phone solution for a small business. In that situation I have called around to talk with the relevant suppliers of such a solution. With one of the companies that I talked to, I scheduled an appointment for a consulting phone call the next day. I was looking very much forward to the call, but never received it. In that situation the suppliers’ trustworthiness breached, and I am not sure if I would feel secure giving them the order, if they cannot even manage to make a consulting call.

Now is the time for you to pay attention!

The important lesson is: “Gain your costumers trust before you screw around with them.” As soon as you have built up a relationship with your costumer and have gained their trust. They will keep coming back even though you make a little mistake. Is this then a reason for treating your costumers badly?

No way! Look into the marketplace and see who remains successful – those who treat their customers with respect and keep delivering a quality service. Think about it? Why spend a lot of money winning a costumer and then afterwards dumping him or her, when you can spend a minimal amount of money on keeping them in your portfolio.

Be careful with irony across cultures.

Alexander Hold Irony

“Irony is a great tool when doing business across cultures!” Or not. – Example of Irony.

Who would know it was Irony, if I had not said it? Probably not many. In general irony is not working when writing, because a main part of irony lies in the strictly sarcastic tone of voice. To compensate for the disability to set a tone, people try with smileys and other symbols when writing, but in general people are more or less unsuccessful. Therefor try to avoid irony when writing!

Not just is sarcasm evil when writing, it does also have certain limitations when talking. Usually you would use sarcasm among friends and they would have no problem getting the fact that you were being ironic. The problem happens when you bring you sarcastic humor at work and to your first business meeting. Acting as a salesman in a local community, irony will usually not cause you any trouble. But the day you sit in a meeting with an overseas business partner and fire up some ironic joke, you will experience the true evil of irony.

The problem is that irony or sarcasm is often different from culture to culture. It exists in every culture, but the understanding of humor can be very different. Therefore be careful when telling sarcastic jokes! Frequently ironic jokes get misunderstood and in the worth cases it ends up costing the deal. A man that has experienced on his own and has studied the concept of cross cultural business behavior is the Author and businessman Richard Gesteland. From his book “Cross-Cultural Business Behavior” you can read real life examples of clients walking out of a meeting because stupid ironic joke or a basic misunderstanding of the cultural differences.

So if you want to avoid getting in trouble, keep the irony between you and your friends. And go to work as a professional.

Help me defeat the German!

Try to type ”Alexander Hold” into and you will find that appears as number 3 or 4 depending on who look.

The result is quite decent taking into consideration that only have been online for a short while. However it would be lovely to appear as number 1 or 2.

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So how to defeat Richter Alexander Hold on Google.

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I believe that you are more creative and will come up with a better text. Together we can defeat the German and send a huge German sat1 TV brand to the second position.

A little Tip: Outgoing links affect your page rank as well as incoming links. Linking to a site containing interesting articles with relevant content for your website will have a positive influence on your page rank.

Get noticed and post a comment to this article with your website from where you link to and put in effort to get your site noticed on the web.

Challenge yourself mentally!


It has for the past few years become very popular to go to the gym and work out. The purpose has been to get in good shape and get a well-trimmed body. The trend can only be described as healthy, as a good health is good for your future living.

However as many focus on their look, they more or less miss out on their mental capacity.

If you go to the gym and work out regularly, you will experience that your ability to work out for longer hours increase, simply because you spend more and more time in the fitness center. The same counts for your mental capacity.

Therefore is it important to exercise your brain as you exercise your body. The approach is rather simple as the exercises in the gym. The answer is to challenge yourself mentally. Institutions like schools and universities try in an organized way to create these challenges, but in the end they cannot force you to take the challenge. Only you are the master of your own mental exercising, as only you decide if you want to spend time in the gym or not.

You don’t necessarily need to be in school to be challenged, because the challenges are all in your head and you carry them around with you all the time. The worst thing you can do is to put your head to sleep and not to take the mental challenges that you are presented for during the day. When you are presented with a problem, force yourself to find a solution instead of just accepting that there is a problem and then let it go.

Think of your brain as a body part that needs to be trained equally to biceps and other mussel parts.

Get out there and challenge yourself mentally.

Discover your innovative corner

Alexander Hold Thinking

The most of us are in some way or another creative, someone more than others, but in theory everyone has an equal opportunity to discover the next big thing. However you can do many things to improve your creativity, and an exceptional large amount of people have been writing books on the matter. Some books better than others, but in general a lot of interesting approaches has been discovered to increase your skill level of creativity.

Today I went for a walk and found a nice spot with a great view of the ocean. I sat down on the rock and tried to find my inner peace. It didn’t take long before I started thinking all sorts of abstract thoughts, but it came down to the thought: “where do I think the best?”

The question might be asked in another saying: “where do I develop the best ideas?” But the key point is to realize where to be, and what to do for discovering the next big thing. A bit wondering on the topic and I realized that the question was a bit more difficult to answer than first anticipated.

Looking at where I usually pick up ideas and suddenly get ideas, the number of places represents a wide variety. To find inspiration for ideas I see it as important to get out and meet people. Without the influence of others and the world around, it is hard to come up with relevant ideas that can change the world and be profitable in a modern market place. These influential experiences are essential and must be seen as a vital part of discovering the next big thing.

Usually the idea is not developed in the moment it is discovered and it needs to be prepared thoughtfully. That process and that place is what I am looking for. For where do I thing about the ideas that I have picked up in the city?

I was sitting on a rock with a beautiful view of the ocean. All I could hear was the sound of the wind blowing and the waves beating against the rocks. Besides that everything was silent and no noise from the world around could penetrate the natural shield of wind and sea. Naturally I started wondering and I challenged myself mentally. Looking at the environment that made me think one thing is recognizable: “Silence”

A place where I have noticed that I develop the most of my ideas is when the head hits the pillow. Characteristic for this spot is again: “Silence”. Thinking about that the moment just before I fall asleep should be the spot where I develop the most of my ideas, makes sense. After a day full of impressions and experiences my head is loaded with thoughts that need to be sorted and manipulated. In that process new ideas come to life and ideas picked up during the day are being looked through thoughtfully. Knowing that my bed is an essential place for me to development ideas, I can plan to get to bed in proper time and not to be too exhausted, so I fall asleep in no time.

I think that I might have found my spot, where no noise is breaking my thoughts.

Have you ever thought about your ideal place for developing of ideas, and have your found your spot for thinking? If you have found your spot then share it with me and others, so we all can be inspired and expand our horizon. If you have not yet thought it through, then spend some time finding your own ideal spot for revolutionizing the world.

Important is to notice that Ideas don’t spring from nothing and that environmental influence is essential for developing of ideas.